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Show Dance noteikumi.



1.       Characteristics and Movement: Rock 'N' Roll is excluded, but competitors may incorporate all other existing styles of dance or dance techniques.  These include:, Jazz, , Ethnic, Folk and Character.  They may be performed in pure form or as a combination of two or more different styles, and may include theatrical movements. 

2.       When movements and elements of other IDO dance disciplines such as Disco Dance, Hip-Hop, Electric Boogie, Break Dance and Tap, Ballet or Modern, or when American & International Ballroom and Latin dance is used in the performance, such movements / styles should not control / dominate the performance.

3.       The dancer's personal interpretation should be clearly evident when using any of these disciplines or styles. 

4.       Acrobatic Movements: Permitted as outlined under General Provisions I.  Acrobatic movements will be evaluated under technical as well as show criteria.

5.       Lifts: Permitted as outlined under General Provisions I.

Note: Lifts are NOT permitted in the Children's category

6.       Stage Props: Permitted as outlined under General Provisions I, but dancers cannot use cumbersome scenic material.  

7.       Musicality, variety of dance and patterns, originality, total performance and individual choreography will be evaluated.  It is very important to present harmony of idea, music, dance, choreography, costume and props in the presentation, as the entire image will be used in evaluating the performance.

8.       Formations will be judged as a whole. Solo, duo or ensemble parts may be performed, but must not dominate.

9.       All Show Dance presentations shall be based on a concept, story, theme or idea, which must be described in a short description on the official application enrollment form.  The concept, story, theme or idea must be fully understandable and will be expressed by means of dance movements that adhere to the piece being presented, along with being creative, imaginative and original.  The piece must have Show Value, as explained in the Show Dance rules and be entertaining to both the audience and adjudicators.

10.    All Show Dance presentations will be evaluated on technique, composition, image and show value, using a wide scale of criteria outlined in the Show Dance rules below.


SHOW VALUE (Used in Show Dance competitions)

The following criteria should be used in determining your score for the SHOW VALUE of the piece being presented.  Entertainment or audience appeal, originality and creativity of the concept, story idea or theme.  Appropriateness of the costume as it relates to the concept along with creative costume changes, story, idea or theme.  Inventive and creative visual effects using props and creative designs.  Acrobatic movements, lifts and spectacular jumps and other special effects are encouraged.  The piece should adhere to its concept throughout and there should be harmony between the concept, music, choreography and movement.  The piece should be age appropriate for all dancers included in the piece and never be visually or audibly offensive to the audience.  The adjudicator must take all of the above into consideration when reaching the evaluation for SHOW VALUE.  The adjudicator must not include DANCE VALUE in this mark and pieces that are pure "jazz dance" should be evaluated on a lower scale.  The point value for Show Dance will be as follows.  Technique = 10 points, Composition = 10 points, Image = 10 points, Show Value = 10 points.  The lowest possible score is 4 and the highest possible score is 40.



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