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The following age divisions will be used in all IDO Events:


Mini Kids 7 and under

Children 11 and under

Junior 12 - 15

Adult 1

Adult 2

16 and over

31 and over

Senior 50 and over (Belly Dance /Oriental)

On occasion an Organizer may run a competition for Senior's and/or Adult 2.

Adult 2, groups and formations, may be in any of IDO's disciplines at the discretion of the Organizer.

Adult 2 shall be at least 31 and over during the year of competition and where applicable in all disciplines, no


Once a dancer decides to declare himself or herself as a senior, they cannot return to the regular competitive age

without permission from the Presidium.

The Offi cial World Championship title will always be in the Adult 1 Division. For children and juniors, the title

must be defi ned with the age division. Example: Children's World Tap Dance Championship 1998.

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